CD - Gold

CD - Gold
CD One - Ultimate Natural Sounds Vol One 1.Calming Seas - gentle breaking waves onto a sandy beach 2.Gentle Rivers & Streams - soft trickling sounds of clear mountain waters 3.Tranquil Birdsong - gentle chirpings of a summer dawn chorus 4.Inspiring Thunderstorm - distant rumblings and crackles of a warm summer thunderstorm 5.Rainforest Reverie - exotic ambience of a beautiful rainforest 6.Tibetan Healing sounds - soothing sounds of tibetan bowls and chimes 7.Moonlit Forest - romantic sounds of night crickets and owls 8.Secret Cave - droplets of water slowly dripping from a hidden underground cave CD Two - Ultimate Natural Sounds Vol Two 1.Friendly Dolphins & Whales - uplifting and inspiring sounds of dolphins and whales 2.Revitalising waterfall - energising sounds of a tropical waterfall 3.Refreshing rain - sounds of a welcome cooling rain after a long hot summer afternoon 4.Soothing windchimes on the wind - gentle tinklings of windchimes carried on the wind 5.English Country Garden - charming sounds of english birdsong, country animals and a distant village church bell 6.Exotic Jungle - wild natural sounds surround you in the heart of the jungle 7.Cathedral Choir Garden - sacred sounds of distant choir combine with the soft flutterings of birdsong in an english cathedral garden 8. Romantic Tropical Beach - relaxing waves on a warm tropical night Running time :2 hours
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